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  "As long as the system follows the pattern of stimulation and response, it will be well suited for testing with TTCN-3 - regardless of whether it is implemented sequentially, in parallel or in a distributed manner. Since TTCN-3 is on the verge of overcoming proprietary test systems and offering the benefits of standardization, it is becoming a hot topic in the industry. Economic reasons suggest that proprietary test systems will be substituted by a TTCN-3 tool. Furthermore, the ability to choose between at least four vendors will help users to reap the benefits of standardization."

André Pietschker
Senior Software Engineer, Siemens AG, Germany

  "R&S BICK needed a stable and extensible platform for running automated system and component tests. TTworkbench turned out to be the perfect solution for our requirements, providing all kinds of test automation features in one integrated test environment. Expecting thousands of test cases to be created, we value this future-proof, PC based TTCN-3 tool with such flexibility, i.e. concerning test interfaces. By running our tests automated, preferably at night time, we expect to clearly reduce the daily burden of manual testing."

Michael Dralle
Development and Test Engineer, R&S BICK Mobilfunk GmbH, Germany

  "Sonus Networks, a market leader in developing VoIP technology, actively uses software tools from Testing Technologies. Testing Technologies has provided a suite of tests for SCTP and M3UA that allows Sonus Networks to complete compliance testing of both stacks. The tool set enables Sonus Networks to instantly accommodate deviations or defects from the standards by allowing us to modify the test suite, quickly compile a new version and continue conformance testing. The test language TTCN-3 is easy to learn, and the presentation of test cases lends itself to effort-less modification, additional test case creation and compilation."

William Freeman
Senior Quality Manager, Sonus Networks Inc., USA

  "The dynamic and high-competitive IMS market requires state-of-the-art test technologies. Tektronix, a world leader in test, measurement and monitoring, has chosen Testing Technologies' TTCN-3 based test development environment as robust and reliable basis. It enables our customers to focus on the specification of IMS tests."

Othmar Kyas
Director Strategic Marketing, Tektronix Network Diagnostics, Germany

  "Where most (GUI oriented) test automation tools stop, TTCN-3 starts. This is the case for us in a back office, batch driven architecture with a data warehouse. TTCN-3 enables us to easily automate a multitude of manual steps surrounding the batch process under test. TTCN-3 is also very easy to adopt as long as you have a basic understanding of any programming or scripting language. The fact that it is a standardized language ensures that you are not limited to the proprietary language of a specific vendor. The pro active support during our pilot project made us choose TTworkbench as our test automation tool."

Bas Wieman
Test Manager, International Bank

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